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What are the albums about?

Rise was written mid 2019 and is an instrumental album. It was mostly inspired by bands like Alestorm, Arch Enemy and Lamb of God. There is a story to the album but that story has not been revealed yet. The story will be put into lyrics in a remake of this album.

The individual songs are all relatively unqiue but fit together pretty well.

Lyric was written during 2019 and has a varietry of different genres in it. Because it is the first album with lyrics, the only thing that really connects the songs, is the fact that they have lyrics.

The first song "Reverse time" is based on the game "Life is Strange" and is about, what it would be like to have powers that could manipulate time.

The second song "Rampage" doesn't have much lyrical meaning. Rampage was an older instrumental song that Rane made into a song with lyrics. He didn't want to change the name of the song, so he just came up with a text that would fit the song name "rampage". The lyrics do however connect to the hidden meaning of the Rise album.

The third song "Goodbye" is a Metal cover of a Five-nights-at-Freddys fanmade song. It's the first time were Rane really screamed some of the lyrics. It also has lots of vocal harmonies.

The fourth song "All he can do is shout" doesn't really have much lyrical meaning (again). The song was made for a school project and was one of the first that had lyrics in it which is why there are so many harmonies and autotune to cover up mistakes.

The fifth song "Nowhere to go" was inspired by the soundtrack of "LIS before the storm" the prequel to "Life is Strange". Influences by Daughter can be heard.

The last song of the album focuses on a woman that changed a lot about Rane going by the lyrics. The womans name can actually be heard/spottet in the lyrics.

Life is Strange is completely based on and inspired by the game "Life is Strange".

Life Is Strange is a multiplatform game developed by DONTNOD Entertainment and published by Square Enix. Life Is Strange follows the 18-year old Max Caulfield, a high school senior who learns she has the power to rewind time when she saves her childhood friend, Chloe Price, from being killed.

The album follows the games main story and every song is based on the biggest events of every episode (the game is split into 5 episodes). The two extra songs were originally planned to fit the two different endings the player could choose from, but "Bay" turned out to be an extra song that describes a few more things in the plot, while "Pricefield" became an instrumental track inspired by "Max&Chloe", a song from the original soundtrack.

When the writing process for the songs began, it was planned, that every song would have the same structure. That worked pretty well for the first three songs and although they all have the same structure, they all sound unique. That structure changed with the fourth song. Instead of having a little solo at the beginning, the song starts slow and slowly forms into the first verse. After the solo the song continues very experimental with electronical elements. This was easily the hardest part to write because it was challenging to make both metal and EDM fit together so well, but it turned out to be one of the best parts of the entire album.

The fifth song was also very experimental. Instead of a calm vibe, with a keyboard in the background and calm vocals, we were now presented with electronic sounds, a rap part, metal screams and low tuned guitars. This song was one that you for sure would not expect. At first Rane wasn't sure if the song would really fit the album, but considering what happens in the game, the song perfectly captured the chaos. So, he decided to keep it in and it became one of the heaviest songs at the time.

Although Rane is a Metalhead and into modern bands, his father is much more into oldschool rock, so Rane tried to make an album that focused on rock riffs and catchy lyrics. To this day, this is the album his father keeps coming back to.

Although the album was dedicated to his father, Bubble is about... Well... Rane's "bubble". 

The first two tracks focus on how life really is for most of us: Chaotic, draining and unfulfilling. The rest of the album is about Rane's image of what a path to success could look like.

This bubble is often referenced in other songs and albums and stands for an ideal world where nothing stands in the way of Rane's success.